Sistema di aderenza Meccanica

waterproofing italia

waterpoofing Vantaggi del sistema

- Adatttabile a tutte le tipologie di tetto
- High wind uplift performance
- Basso costo del mnateriale
- Leggerezza

waterpoofingCriteri di Sistema

The Firestone TPO Mechanically Attached System is a lightweight system, suitable for roofs that cannot carry the additional load of ballast, where the roof deck is suitable for mechanical attachment.

waterpoofingInstallazione del sistema

The system uses up to 2.44 m wide panels, which are loose laid over the substrate. Membrane panels are mechanically attached with plates and fasteners in the seams of adjoining sheets. The width of the membrane and spacing of the plates and fasteners differ to accommodate for wind loadings. Adjoining sheets are overlapped at least 150 mm in case of a seam with mechanical anchoring and 75 mm in case of a seam without mechanical anchoring. The sheets are heat-welded to form a continuous, watertight membrane. All flashings around roof perimeters and penetrations are installed in accordance with Firestone specifications.