sistema stabilizzante

waterproofing Italia

waterproofing italiaVantaggi del sistema

- Uso di pannelli TPO superiore ai 3.05 m
- Pochissimo sigillante
- Ampia scelta del substrato
- Veloce installazione
- Bassi costi di installazione
- Excellent fire rating
- Forte resistenza aglia agenti atmosferici

waterproofing italiaCriteri di sistema

Il sistema stabilizzante Firestone TPO è il più economico sistema di coperture TPO disponibile ed è adatto per una vasta gamma di edifici.

waterproofing italiaInstallazione del sistema

I fogli di TPO The TPO sheets are loose laid over an acceptable substrate. Rough substrates need to be isolated with an acceptable protective layer. Adjoining sheets are overlapped a minimum of 75 mm and the seams are heat-welded to form a continuous watertight membrane. Once the seams are welded and roof perimeters and penetrations are flashed in accordance with Firestone specifications, the TPO membrane is held in place using the following materials as ballast:

- Gravel, in the form of round, smooth, river washed aggregate without broken pieces, of adequate size (nominal 16 to 32 mm).
- Concrete pavers (min. 50 mm thickness) with smooth trowel finish. Installation of a protective mat is required.
- Crushed gravel that must be graduated, the larger the gravel, the higher the weight. A protective mat must be used.
- Poured in-situ concrete. A protective mat must be used.